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S43 E24: Boho Chic

Cabinets and a vent hood are being installed in the kitchen. The homeowners’ daughter chooses a paint color for her room. A stained glass window is repaired, and floor tiles are laid out for installation.

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In this episode:

It has been a little bit of everything this week at the 1890s West Roxbury Victorian. The homeowners decided to match the new floors with the old, the interior trim is starting to go in, and the base cabinets and island are installed in the new modern kitchen.

Kevin O’Connor gives builder Deliandro a hand installing the two-toned upper cabinets.

Upstairs, Boston designer and color expert Cheryl Rosenberg has brought in mood boards and samples inspired by a modern twist on the Bohemian style, Boho Chic. She works with the homeowners’ daughter Aria to choose a paint color for her room.

Downstairs, stained glass artist Cathryn Blackwell will repair a turn of the century stained glass window located in the entryway. She walks Kevin through the process, from removing the old glazing and cutting new glass to reglazing and installing the repaired and newly painted window.

In the primary bathroom, wall tiles are up, and tile installer Gabriel Oliviera is ready to lay the large format floor tiles. But first, he must decide on a layout.

Back in the kitchen, Deliandro installs a vent hood, running the ducting through a closet behind the kitchen to be vented outside.

Original Air Date: Apr 7, 2022, Season 43; Ep. 24 23:42

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