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S43 E25: Focus on Finishes

Countertops are going in and doors are being hung. A local stone fabrication shop is visited. A distressed stained finish is applied to trim. Under-cabinet receptacles and crown molding are installed.

S43 E23: A Match Made Perfect

Antique windows are installed in Dracut, MA. The original foundation is repaired. The wood floors are patched, and a bathroom is prepped for tile. Then, the team explores aluminum gutters that look like wood.

S43 E24: Boho Chic

Cabinets and a vent hood are being installed in the kitchen. The homeowners’ daughter chooses a paint color for her room. A stained glass window is repaired, and floor tiles are laid out for installation.

S43 E22: Father and Son

Headway on the 1890s Victorian continues as the crew installs lighting on the front porch and preps the primary bathroom for in-floor heating. Later, the homeowners pick lighting for the dining room and install drywall in the attic.

S43 E21: Exploring Flooring

The old front steps are replaced in this episode, and the homeowners decide on interior flooring. Kevin visits a trade school. Then, a cable railing and new door are installed out back, and a brick walkway out front.

S43 E20: Outdoor Oasis

Ipe is installed on the front porch. The existing furnace gets a new heat pump coil. Back at the house, a brick patio is built. At the Dracut Centre School, original corbel replicas are installed.

S20 E19, Jenn Nawada learns about yews

S20 E19: Harvesting Shrubs, Box Joint Jig

Jenn visits a fourth-generation nursery to learn how shrubs are grown; The team shares cost-effective ways to seal existing windows; Tom builds a sturdy serving tray with box joints.

S43 E19: Drainpipe Puzzle

The windows are trimmed with PVC, and the house is sided with fiber cement clapboards. An American Elm resistant to Dutch Elm disease is planted. Inside, a drainpipe puzzle is solved.

S43 E18: Pruning 101

The inside of the house is demo’d. The homeowners select kitchen cabinets, then a wider window opening is created. Beams are installed to replace a load-bearing wall, a willow tree is pruned, and house wrap is installed.

S43 E16, Kevin O’Connor on a house tour with the homeowner

S43 E16: Cinderella Story

The 1880s Country Cape is finished. The cast arrives and reflects on the changes that have been made since Charlie’s crew started work. The homeowners take Kevin and Tommy on a tour of the house.