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    The world's leading financial technology and scientific data analysis company
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    Used in finance, technology and In the fields of industry consulting and analysis


We were founded in 2013, and have developed a variety of patents and undertaken big data, artificial intelligence and language technology projects of major companies around the world, and have been praised by customers for many times.

Launch of Global Translation Call Center

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Started machine translation engine development

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Leading machine translation and making breakthrough progress

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Publish cross-language translation big data platform

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Release of financial quantitative products & technology big data

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Big data, artificial intelligence and language technology projects

Fintech solutions

The fintech solution is based on global massive information, and uses a unique financial analysis model to superimpose price, transaction volume, information volume, and related events to provide a reference for investment transactions and improve the return on investment; assist in forecasting stock prices, industries, markets, and global Economic development trend. Provide network-wide information monitoring and comprehensive stock prices for credit rating agencies

Technology big data solution

The technology big data solution is a full-process multilingual technology data platform that can realize technology data mining, data cleaning, data distributed storage, modeling analysis and visual display. Science and technology big data mainly serves government, universities, enterprises, research institutes, etc., and provides users in different industries with accurate science and technology knowledge services worldwide.

Industrial big data solutions

Industrial big data solutions are applied to all aspects of industrial finance, production, management, procurement, logistics, sales, marketing, and after-sales service, so that big data systems have a model of intelligent functions such as description, diagnosis, prediction, decision making, and control. And results. Enterprises can customize end-to-end full business processes through customized solutions, quickly build a complete digital ecosystem, and effectively implement business insight and decision-making reference.

Intelligent Manufacturing Solution

Use the Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence technology to create a full-field, full-chain intelligent manufacturing support platform, to achieve a visual display of the entire process, intelligent early warning and diagnosis of faults, remote operation and maintenance of products, in-depth analysis of production lines, Internet service transformation and The quality and efficiency of business decisions are improved, enabling manufacturing enterprises to develop.