About Us

The world's leading fintech and scientific data analysis company


About Us

Spacifico is the world's leading financial technology and scientific data analysis company. It uses advanced natural language processing and semantic computing technology to mine and analyze large amounts of global data, and builds an industry knowledge map, algorithm model and visual analysis platform.

It is used in finance, technology and In the fields of industry consulting and analysis, we provide a full range of leading big data and artificial intelligence scenario-based application solutions for global enterprise users.

Language Technology

Multilingual Machine Translation Solution

Relying on the accumulated tens of millions of accurate corpus data inherited in 46 years, we independently developed the world's leading multilingual neural network machine translation platform. Machine translation has been implemented in nearly 50 languages ​​and 2,500 languages.

Among them, the performance of machine translation in many languages, including Chinese, English, Chinese, Russian, Chinese, Western, Chinese, Portuguese, and Korean, has reached the world-leading level. Machine translation technology has won several international machine translation competitions.

Machine-assisted translation

Project managers and translators have a clear division of roles. Project managers can quickly and efficiently create projects, easily complete task assignments, organize multiple people to collaborate and communicate in real time, monitor real-time progress of projects, and finely integrate project assets. Translators can fully assist with machine translation assistance to greatly improve translation efficiency, while using artificial intelligence can significantly reduce basic errors.

Translators can also work in real-time with the project team and achieve real-time online accumulation of memories. The plan is mainly for professional translation practitioners such as free translations, translation teams, translation companies, etc., and provide tailor-made solutions for any company with translation resources and needs.

Man-machine mutual translation

Human-machine mutual translation solution refers to the translation solution of machine pre-turnover + manual review.

This solution makes full use of the use of machine translation technology in translation, completes the first draft of translation through machine translation, and then manually reviews it, streamlining the traditional translation process, greatly improving the speed of translation, and solving the accuracy of machine translation.

Insufficient problems and reduced costs at the same time are the most commonly used method in the current translation industry, especially for translation projects with tight schedules and large translation volumes.

Human translation

Human translation solutions are mainly for translation projects that require high translation quality, complex syntax, and contain a large amount of unique cultural information. We have translation experts who are deeply involved in various translation fields.

Among them, more than 20 people enjoy special government allowances from the State Council, and more than 40 people have been awarded the title of "Senior Translator" by the China Translation Association. In addition, we also have professional translation project managers holding PMP certification to coordinate the management of the project, so as to ensure the completion of high-level and sophisticated translation projects.

Artificial Intelligence