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Fintech Solution

The fintech solution is based on massive information, and uses a unique financial analysis model to superimpose price, transaction volume, information volume, related events, etc., combined with the listed company's own data to improve the accuracy of the model; find negative information in time to help maintain the company And brand reputation.

Big data in science and technology

It can realize scientific and technological data mining, data cleaning, data distributed storage, modeling analysis and visual display. Science and technology big data mainly serves government, universities, enterprises, research institutes, etc., and provides users in different industries with accurate science and technology knowledge services and intelligent semantic retrieval services worldwide; it can provide the latest scientific and technological information, patents, periodicals, etc. Literature data, in the form of special services and intelligent analysis reports, to provide customized industry big data solutions for global industry users.

Smart manufacturing

Using data governance and visual analysis technology, from the production scheduling, product marketing, financial management and other links, to the traditional industrial manufacturing, consumer electronics, retail and other process manufacturing, discrete manufacturing, intelligent equipment and products, intelligent management, intelligent services and other fields Users optimize production scheduling and internal management processes to achieve a visual display of the entire process, intelligent early warning and diagnosis of faults, remote operation and maintenance of products, in-depth analysis of production lines, transformation of Internet services, and improvement in the quality and efficiency of business decisions.

Industrial big data solution

The industrial big data solution is to apply the advanced big data technology of Chinese to English to run through all aspects of industrial finance, production, management, procurement, logistics, sales, marketing and after-sales service, so that the big data system has description, diagnosis And results of intelligent functions such as forecasting, decision making, and control. Enterprises can customize end-to-end full business processes through customized solutions, quickly build a complete digital ecosystem, and effectively implement business insight and decision-making reference.

Video content analysis platform

The video content analysis platform integrates core technologies such as timeline generation, intelligent speech analysis, image semantic analysis, and video structured description. Through video decoding and analysis, the voice and image content in the video are extracted, and the video content is converted into text by comprehensively using technologies such as speech recognition and image recognition. At the same time, it also has the positioning function to find the corresponding text in the original video, identify the end points of the sentence by analyzing the sound spectrum, and automatically generate the video timeline, which can save a lot of manpower and material resources. It can be widely used in the film and television industry and the Internet video self-media industry, providing convenience for video producers and creating great commercial value.

Knowledge Graph

Based on the global Internet open big data and industry big data knowledge graph solutions, comprehensive use of deep learning, machine translation, natural language processing, knowledge representation, semantic computing, information extraction, knowledge fusion, knowledge completion, knowledge storage, ontology construction, Artificial intelligence methods, such as logical reasoning, extract knowledge entities, attributes, relationships, and events from massive amounts of text information, realize the automatic construction of knowledge maps, and provide deep-level knowledge map retrieval and visual analysis tools. As the core technology of the artificial intelligence system, the knowledge map can be applied to the fields of enterprise risk control and technological development.


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